Commands & Permissions


Parentheses denote optional arguments, like '(' and ')'. Triangle brackets ('<' and '>') denote required arguments.
  • /statz help - Show a list of commands that can be performed.
  • /statz list (player) (stat name) - Show a list of stats that are stored for a player. You can click on a stat to get detailed information about that specific stat.
  • /statz hooks - Shows a list of plugins that Statz is currently hooked into.
  • /statz transfer - Transfer data from SQLite database to your MySQL database. This command can come in handy when you have old data after your switch from SQLite to MySQL.
  • /statz transfer reverse - Transfer data the other way around: from MySQL to SQLite database.
  • /statz migrate - Migrate data from Stats 3 to Statz. Stats 3 has to be running to perform this command.
  • /statz purge - Remove old players from the database that have not logged in since x time.


  • statz.list.self - This permission is automatically given to all players. It allows a player to perform /statz list.
  • statz.list.others - This permission is only given to OP. It allows a player to check the statistics of other players.
  • statz.help - This permission allows players to perform /statz help and is automatically awarded to all players.
  • statz.hooks - To be able to perform /statz hooks, you'll need this permission. By default, only OP's have this permission.
  • statz.transfer.sqlite - To be able to perform transfers with /statz transfer, you'll need this command. By default, only OP's get this permission.
  • statz.migrate - This permission allows players to perform /statz migrate.
  • statz.purge - This permission allows players to purge players from the database.
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